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			Goddess - Primal Chaos

Goddess: Primal Chaos is a multiplayer MMORPG action with cinematic inserts for Android devices, in a fantasy setting. Players will feel like a warrior, exorcist or ghoul fighting for the interests of their own side, in an ancient, completely immersed in chaos, a magical world enslaved by the evil Tyrant.

Your Destiny is to save the world from chaos and not allow evil spirits, deadly monsters, renegade renegades and other minions of the Tyrant to break the last pockets of resistance. Develop your character, pump over his strengths and protect weak points, plunge enemies on the battlefield and free the Universe from chaos, black magic and tyranny.

Gameplay Goddess: Primal Chaos

  • Choose one of the three classes available at the beginning of the game — the Warmaster, Ghoul, or Summoner;
  • Examine the features and pantheon of the patronizing chosen side of the goddesses, consider the sequence in which to pump the skills of the chosen character and how to earn the favor of divine forces;
  • Explore a huge open world, complete quests and plunge enemies to get gold, experience points and magic points;
  • Pump your character for experience points, develop his magical abilities for points of magic and buy new elements of weapons, armor and equipment for gold;
  • Unite with other players in the faction to side by side plunge thugs, apostates, monsters, evil spirits and other minions of the Tyrant;
  • Release chaos from province to province in order to find Tiran’s weak point and defeat him before his physical incarnation is born in the world.

MMORPG Features

  • Three unique gaming classes;
  • Adapted for sensor control;
  • Extensive pumping system;
  • Cinematic fights and cut-scenes;
  • Dozens of various enemies;
  • Hundreds of plot, background and event quests;
  • Thousands of weapons, equipment, potions and other items;
  • Huge opening world;
  • Titles, marriages, guilds, alliances, factions and bosses;
  • Pleasant sound.


  • You need a stable high-speed connection to the Internet;
  • Part of the game content is available for a fee.

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Monday, 20 May 2019
Android 4.1 or later
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32 & 64 bit
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