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			Legacy of Discord

Legacy of Discord is a symbiosis of multiplayer MMO-RPG and RTS real-time strategy for Android devices. Immerse yourself in the thick of battles, embracing the universe of the Flying Islands. Study the in-game world, develop your characters, collect armies and plunge other players in epic PVP battles. Explore dungeons, find unique bonuses and collect massive PVE raids on deadly bosses.

Unite in alliances, clans and guilds, tame the mythical creatures, enhance the fighting skills of your characters with unique weapons, rare equipment and magic spells. Master various combat combinations, ingenious tactics and a school of witchcraft, so that, from a novice who barely walked the path of a warrior, transform himself into a flying God of War, whose interests everyone will have to reckon with!

Gameplay Legacy of Discord

  • Choose one of the available characters, but carefully study their skills, as each character is unique;
  • Look around in the vicinity - try to get hold of equipment, weapons, magic scrolls and other items;
  • Fight gangsters, monsters, sorcerers and other players - collect the loot that falls from them and get experience points;
  • Use your accumulated experience points to upgrade your character’s skills;
  • Do quests and recruit new characters to your team;
  • Sell loot to merchants to earn gold and spend it on new uniforms or hiring troops;
  • Explore the mysterious dungeons to find unique characters, or magic items;
  • Unite with other players in clans, guilds and alliances - plunge enemies in massive PVP battles;
  • Find your wings, become the God of War Wars and fight on the legendary Soaring Islands.

Special features

  • Dozens of characters, each of which is unique;
  • Hundreds of locations - ranging from dungeons and ending with soaring islands;
  • Thousands of weapons, armor, and magic items;
  • An extensive system of pumping the skills of the character and combat combinations;
  • PVE and PVP battles in real time;
  • The ability to find wings and become the Flying God;
  • Constant updates with new game modes;
  • Fully animated three-dimensional graphics;
  • Dynamic background music.


  • Part of in-game content is paid.

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Tuesday, 01 February 2022
Android 4.0 or later
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