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MDC (Multiple Direct Communicator)
universal multiprotocol messenger
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Current version of the MDC (Multiple Direct Communicator) is available for free download on our page, and does not require specific skills to install.

Before downloading MDC (Multiple Direct Communicator) for free and installing it on your computer, you should make sure that NET Framework package 2.0 was previously installed.
MDC (Multiple Direct Communicator) - a universal program-messenger which combines the most popular protocols (Jabber Yandex Online, ICQ, Gtalk, Mail.Agent and other), with the function of storage and combining incoming messages. MDC messenger was designed for such popular operating systems as Linux, MacOS X and Microsoft Windows.




Multiple Direct Communicator is easy to use, work with the interface is simple and possible without reading the instructions. All correspondence history is stored on the same server with the ability to view the Internet connection, if desired, you can disable the history function in your program.




The most basic features that can be performed using Multiple Direct Communicator:

  • You can centrally communicate and correspond from all popular protocols,
  • The ability to view the history, association and systematizing of correspondence,
  • The possibility of collecting contacts of one person from all protocols for easy communication,
  • Autoupdate of the program,
  • The ability to select the desired standard for instant messaging,
  • The ability to set your favorite theme, select an avatar and use different statuses,
  • Convenient and easy to use interface,

The ability to download MDC (Multiple Direct Communicator) for free and to install itself on your computer without any difficulties.

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Category Messengers
Title MDC (Multiple Direct Communicator)
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 15.55 MB
Downloads 531
Price Free
Updated 2014-06-17

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