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The free image editor Krita was previously part of an office application suite, but now it is a standalone, powerful, constantly evolving product that can give odds to any famous graphic program. Target audience of the application are artists and photographers. Krita has open source, which means many useful add-ons in the public domain.

Krita functional

The program allows you to develop a bitmap image from scratch, but at the same time it is equipped with powerful tools for advanced users who want to process scans of their paintings or copies of photos.

Krita provides the ability to apply popular filters, masks and adjustment layers, supports dynamic filters and offers a wide range of built-in tools for retouching.

Utility for artists

The application has a variety of specific features for artists:

  • Functional for working with frame-by-frame animation, export ffmpeg;
  • There are various blending modes;
  • Many options for brushes with different effects;
  • Graphics tablet with the control of the dynamics of the brushes;
  • Ability to select a set of hot keys, characteristic of other editors, for example, Photoshop or SAI;
  • Work with canvas: endless canvas, mirroring, rotation, imitation of paper and pastels.


The functionality of the application is constantly updated, the existing operations are optimized. The developers inform fans of the program from the pages of the official website of Krita. The next stage of the editor’s development assumes his deeper integration into the work of professional artists.

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