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The latest version of the free BitTorrent program, related to peer networks, allowing users, as before, to exchange files of different sizes of the same name by the network.
Concept of peer protocol (P2P) appeared in April 2001, thanks to the work of Bram Cohen. And in July of the same year, Cohen launched the first torrent-client «BitTorrent», which can be downloaded for free from our website at the link below. Other similar networks it features number of owners of the file (in BitTorrent is only one).

Also, the popularity of this program is due to a unique by today's standards downloading speed. This results from the specifics of the P2P protocol. For example, when downloading a file on your computer, it comes not from a single source, but from those who have already downloaded the file and stayed on seeding. It is not necessary that the entire file is present in the network. From other computers you receive certain segments of the file, which is available at the moment. And you can finish the upload of the inaccessible sector of a file as soon as the peer or seed with a missing segment appears on the network. Seed and peer, these are the terms, defining other users that download files. One difference between them is that seed has already fully downloaded the file and now only distributes it.

Free downloaded BitTorrent interface is simple and straightforward for users with any level of knowledge and doesn't load the system much. Common features with other programs of this type can be traced here, but there are also advantages. Thus, in this client you can not only upload a file, but also perform multiple downloads at the same time changing their priority and speed at will. You can then evaluate the distribution itself or watch it rated by other users. Immediately prior to download, using torrent-client, you can view the full statistics of the downloaded file and data on seeds and peers. You can also search for the necessary files directly from the program, and there'sthe newest search engine built-in, which will display all the results of your query in the open a browser window. But the main feature of BitTorrent from other similar clients is a unique opportunity to work with the remote client. This allows you to monitor your download and seedings via the web interface, however, this option is only available to registered users.

Recently a paid version of BitTorrent Plus has become available. Its key difference from the free analogue is the expanded multimedia capabilities:

  • Built-in anti-virus program checks the file for malware before the download;
  • HD-media player that supports most known formats of audio and video files;
  • Built-in converter which allows you to convert and play files in accessible formats;
  • Improved protection for remote file access.

The BitTorrent company also produces uTorrent. nearly identical in functionality. They differ only in stability of versions. In uTorrent new versions come out more often, but bugs in them are quite common. BitTorrent releases its version only after they are cut and dried.
A special license is not required, you can download BitTorrent absolutely for free. It is installed and runs on all versions of the OS Windows program. It supports 53 languages ​​other than English.

Distinctive features of BitTorrent:

  • Upload management in the program doesn't interfere with the performance of other programs running on the Internet;
  • Simultaneous loading of multiple files;
  • Independent online search of similar files for faster download completion;
  • Creating your own torrent-files;
  • Details of downloaded objects.

You can download the latest version of BitTorrent for free from our website.

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Monday, 15 November 2021
7.10.5 build 46097
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