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Program for searching and downloading torrents
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HAL is an optimized torrent search engine for proven resources (trackers). The product is distributed free of charge, for the community of users of the program, access to various content posted on more than 40 top trackers is open. At the same time, there is no need for each resource to re-enter the login and password.

Features of the program

  • free authorization and search on popular trackers;
  • access to browse the contents of web pages directly in the application;
  • ease of starting torrents;
  • built-in algorithm for preparing the sorting of hands according to the relevance of the request;
  • group setting of content categories for search filter.

A variety of forms for viewing torrents

For the convenience of users, a quick view of the tracker categories tree is provided. The search can be carried out both on the grid of a specific section, and visually assess all its contents. This approach provides access to the choice of almost any distribution.

Other HAL Features

  1. Collecting the most popular distributions from trackers in automatic mode.
  2. Using magnet links allows access to download content without ratings and logins.
  3. Selection of descriptions of hands without the need to enter the tracker site.
  4. A huge number of content categories for faster and more convenient filtering.

Attention! During the installation program will be offered to install additional software. Uncheck the corresponding checkbox in the installation window if you do not need it.

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