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Vuze (formerly Azureus)is a file sharing client using the bittorrent protocol with a large number of useful features. Vuze client supports multi-download, queue and priorities, seeding process has start and resume options, a large amount of useful information on downloadable torrents is provided. Start enjoying the benefits of BitTorrent-networks, just download Vuze free from our site.

The main feature of Vuze is optimization for the download of "hefty" files in terms of the number of gigabytes. GUI of pro version won't challenge even the most newbies in downloading of large amounts of multimedia to a movie-game home PC. A good many of various settings and features will be very useful for those users who have long been friends with BitTorrent-networks and are well aware of the principles of their functioning. We remind you that you can download Vuze free which is very simple and easy if you use our website and follow the appropriate link.

What the characteristics of the program with an original title "Vuze" are:

  • Vuze doesn't much depend on the tracker thanks to peer exchange and DHT technologies used in the program;
  • In local area networks Vuze client works even better as uses such technologies as NAT Port Mapping Protocol, UpnP and NAT traversal;
  • New seeds won't be long in coming, as super-seeding mode will encourage their appearance;
  • Support for web seeding technology;
  • Support for magnet links (links to P2P content);
  • Vuze can work proxy-server mediated (the ability to encrypt the protocol);
  • Supports Unicode and IPv6;
  • Support for a large number of simultaneously loaded files;
  • Limits to download/upload for each torrent individually or in general;
  • Adjustable disk cache;
  • Extended rules of seed;
  • All torrents use one and the same port;
  • Proxy can be used for connection and tracker;
  • Load is resumed fast;
  • Customizable user interface in multiple languages.

Important Notes

  1. Vuze was developed in Java, so for the correct operation of the program you need the latest version of Java-machine. Some versions of Windows OSs don't have Java-machine, so during installation in the respective environments, installer will ask you to download and install the missing component.
  2. During the first run the Vuze installation wizard will pre-configure network connection.

If you are interested in the represented client program, you can download Vuze from our website now and start using it to download music, movies and other online content.

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