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Deluge is a relatively new torrent client operating on Windows, Mac OS and Linux since 2009. The freeware has earned its current reputation due to its user-friendly interface and multi-functional system, which is endowed with a number of features that distinguish it from other BitTorrent client servers.

Deluge Benefits

  • clear and adaptive interface that allows you to easily deal with the basic functions of the program;
  • Fully Russified version, which compared to similar programs is a significant advantage, which are not modified to the Russian-language module;
  • absolutely free installation and download;
  • the possibility of limiting the speed of downloaded documents by selecting priority downloads and changing the proxy submission;
  • affordable connection to private servers without limiting signal reception;
  • the ability to manually add peers, without prior reconfiguration of the program;
  • renaming downloaded files inside the program for quick detection and transfer to a document on a PC;
  • automatic stopping of the downloaded objects when a certain level of installation selected by the user is reached;
  • full control over the speed of installation and return of mapped files.

Work with the program Deluge

Despite a number of advantageous features of Deluge, the program is, first of all, easy to use. According to users, Deluge automatically conducts downloads and monitors the installation speed, thereby balancing the flow between the selected objects. This allows you to distribute downloads by relevance without reducing the speed for both paired clients and for the user himself.

It is worth noting that the program developers focused on creating a full-scale client adapted for a beginner and experienced user who can perform all network installation operations in one program.

Nevertheless, Deluge is considered one of the best BitTorrent clients, second only to Transmission, which over time will lose its popularity for both Linux, and Windows and Mac OS, yielding to a more functional and user-friendly Deluge.

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