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It is no secret that sometimes plans to go on the Internet "for five minutes" or "just look at the messages" end for us pretty badly. We forget about everything and disappear in the network for a few hours. The Internet can interfere with the computer and through various notifications and sounds emanating from social networks every five minutes.

However, you do not always want to pull the cable out of the computer. And here the InternetOff utility will help turn off the Internet.

InternetOff Features

  1. InternetOff allows you to turn off the Internet connection in one click, it is just as easy to resume;
  2. The utility has the ability to put a password to turn on the Internet;
  3. The user is also invited to put a certain "counter", thanks to which you can specify the time after which the Internet will turn off again.

Advantages of InternetOff

  • The program can be used to control children. You can be sure that your child is doing his homework, and not sitting in social networks;
  • InternetOff has a very nice interface that you can instantly master;
  • The utility functionality is wider than most of its competitors. For example, the function of "counter" is present far from everywhere;
  • InternetOff will help you to finally start controlling your time and keep every deadline.

As you can see, InternetOff can be useful in many cases. Without exaggeration, we can say that this program is at least once in life, but it will be useful to everyone.

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