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Internet speed monitoring utility
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Networx is a handy application for monitoring network settings (connection speed, bandwidth, etc.) and testing network connections. The program has a fairly easy to use user interface that has many easily accessible and neatly organized features.

Networx features

Networx has a useful feature that allows you to detect any suspicious activity on the network (hacking attempt or any virus activity). If you have several connected network interfaces or several network connections, then Networx can control them all or only those that you choose. There are useful audible and visual alerts that alert you to detecting unusual network activity.

Another Networx feature is the ability to limit remote access connections and power off the system. A powerful application report generator allows you to view detailed graphs and statistics on the use of network connections. Reports can be easily saved in one of the compatible formats, namely Microsoft Excel, Word or HTML.

Thus, Networx offers quite a few possibilities in a very compact package. Easy to use and with stable updates, it can certainly be called one of the best utilities in its category.

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