NetTraffic 1.66.2

Program for monitoring network and Internet traffic
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NetTraffic is a convenient and small program for working with network traffic. It provides its users with an extensive range of functions, wrapped in an eye-pleasing graphic shell.

The main advantages of NetTraffic

  • multiple monitoring interfaces;
  • customization of the appearance (fonts, color) of all elements displayed on graphs and charts;
  • detailed statistics;
  • every second update;
  • An intuitive and convenient tray icon.

Lovers of statistics need information on the consumption of traffic for any period you like (from a day to a year). There is a convenient opportunity to visualize everything by means of a diagram that shows the consumed traffic for the reporting period as a percentage of any selected period of time.

You can also read information on a specific network card. If desired, you can create completely separate profiles for different networks. All available information by pressing a few buttons is easily exported to RTF or CSV. People who do not want to lose finances on network traffic will like notices about the imminent achievement of the established limit of transferred and received megabytes. You can also take control of the speed of information transfer and monitor the network activity of each individual port on the computer.

NetTraffic Features

NetTraffic can be customized for even extravagant users. Colors, fonts, the size of individual menus - all this is available for instant changes.

Simple and intuitive interface combined with a small amount and functionality will appeal to many people. Therefore, the free download of NetTraffic on our website seems to be the best solution to the accumulated problems with respect to traffic accounting.

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