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TMeter allows you to keep track of traffic, as well as organize access to the Internet for an operating system such as Microsoft Windows. With this program you can make an exact calculation of traffic, distributing into different categories (port, destination, IP address). For more convenient analysis, the program provides the ability to display data on the screen in digital or graphic form.

The program has its own NAT mechanism, which gives users an additional opportunity to access the Internet using one common external IP address. Meanwhile, an additional firewall helps protect your individual network from unauthorized access. Also, using TMeter, you can make a speed limit for a particular service or user.

TMeter main functions

  • accounting of the activity of a specific user by his IP protocol;
  • providing protocols of all counted packets in separate files or a database;
  • collecting traffic simultaneously from multiple adapters;
  • having its own NAT mechanism allows sharing users through a single external IP address;
  • With the help of filters, you can block certain queries, create "black" and "white" lists among sites.

Advantages of TMeter

  • in case of reaching a certain limit, there is the possibility of blocking traffic;
  • the ability to see the data on the graph with a curved line;
  • regular generation of automatic reports (every week / month);
  • the ability to monitor traffic by individual users who are at a remote distance;
  • having its own authorization agent that helps to solve the problem with frequent IP address spoofing;
  • having its own server that allows you to serve DNS requests of hosts;
  • The program is absolutely free.

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