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Turning your PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot
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			Virtual Router

Virtual Router is a “Wi-Fi Virtual Access Point” for Windows. Allows you to translate Wi-Fi-modules and "whistles" in the "forwarding" mode, thereby "turning" them into an analog router.

Creates "access points" directly from the interface - without "tinkering in the console." Uses WPA2 encryption technology for protection. Forwards traffic from Wi-Fi wireless access devices to LAN, Dial-up, etc. network cards. It has open source code.

Virtual Router Functionality

  • Switches the specified wireless access device to the "forwarding" mode;
  • Creates a Wi-Fi network with the specified SSID and password WPA2;
  • Redirects traffic from it to the network card and back;
  • Displays the connected "machines", the strength of their signal and the consumption of traffic in real-time;
  • Logs all intranet sessions and writes them to a log file;
  • Turns off the "Forwarding" mode for the device used when closing.

Utility features

  • It launches the network “in one click” - without “tinkering in the console” and “dancing with a tambourine”;
  • Open source code and the ability to connect plug-ins;
  • Supports most existing Wi-Fi modules and adapters (including Chinese ones);
  • Using the powerful WPA2 security algorithm;
  • Display of connected "clients" in real time;
  • Logging the actions of connected users;
  • Returning the system to a “normal” state after closing.


  • Only the specified Wi-Fi module / adapter works — the rest are “disabled”;
  • Some models of Apple devices and devices running older versions of Android may not see the network.

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Virtual Router for Windows PC

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