Wi-Fi HotSpot Creator 2.0

Useful program that creates a wi-fi access point
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			Wi-Fi HotSpot Creator

Wi-Fi HotSpot Creator is a Windows application used for sharing Internet access. The only requirement is to run the application with administrator rights. Otherwise, the created connection will not be displayed in the list of Internet connections.

The advantages of the application Wi-Fi HotSpot Creator

The application works on the technology similar to that used in commercial routers with wireless communication function. At the same time, the network is completely protected from intruders, because only users who know the password have access to it.

Advantages and features of the Wi-Fi application HotSpot Creator

  • the ability to turn a computer into a Wi-Fi router (the computer’s parameters are almost irrelevant);
  • use of WPA2 technology for data exchange, which ensures high rates of connection security;
  • the application is easy to install and configure;
  • any laptops, tablets or smartphones that support Wi-Fi technology can be connected to the created access point;
  • There is no additional charge for activating application features.

To configure the Wi-Fi HotSpot Creator program, simply enter the name and password for the access point you are creating and select the Internet connection to be used for sharing. After the access point is started, other devices that know the password for users can connect to it.

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Wi-Fi HotSpot Creator for Windows PC

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