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Utility for distributing Wi-Fi from a computer or laptop
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Connectify is a small (just over 9 MB) utility that allows you to distribute traffic over a Wi-Fi connection directly from your computer, without the use of additional devices (a router). The utility works only under Windows OS (starting from 7). Connectify can be used for free or if you want to upgrade the utility to the Pro version.

Installing Connectify

After downloading the program, start the installation of Connectify, agreeing to install the driver. After the installation of the program is completed, you will be asked to restart the computer to complete the correct installation. Do this if you plan to immediately begin testing the utility, or later, if there is no such need.

Connectify Auto Start Settings

Run the program. In the top line in the Settings line, find the Startup option and check the box to launch the utility with the computer. You can also turn off all program services with one click.

In the Display line you can specify all displayed services, news and Connectify connections. Advanced users can use advanced options. In the free version of these features is not, but without this, the utility distributes Wi-Fi without using a router / router.

Important points

In the main utility window, under the Firewall line, check the boxes in both windows. This action gives permission for access to the Internet and local network. Experienced users can create not only a mobile hotspot Wi-Fi, which is enough to distribute the Internet from a computer, but also a router that distributes the Internet through the controller, and even a repeater to amplify the Wi-Fi signal.

Problems and solutions

Sometimes users inattentively read information about the OS on which the utility runs. The program works only with the Windows system, starting with version 7.

The lack of connection and distribution using Connectify can be associated with your device, more precisely, a network card that does not support Wi-Fi Internet distribution. To resolve the problem, you can use a network adapter, for example, Wi-Fi D-Link.

Improper operation of the program is often associated with its incorrect installation and errors made in the sequence of actions. Once again, read the recommendations for installing and using the program (access in the Help column) and reinstall it.

Connectify is indispensable where you use several devices at once: phones, tablets. With proper installation and accurate compliance with all instructions and recommendations for getting started with the utility, Connectify becomes an alternative to expensive routers and “saves” from the mass of wires. For users of the mobile Internet (3G, 4G, LTE) who installed Connectify, network devices can now be limited to one modem operating on the operator’s network and initially connected to the Internet.

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