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Program for distributing Wi-Fi from a laptop or PC
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			WiFi Virtual Router

WiFi Virtual Router - a program that allows you to turn any computer or laptop into a Wi-Fi router to provide shared access to the Internet to mobile devices located nearby.

Benefits of using the WiFi Virtual Router

WiFi Virtual Router does not require a router, router, or other additional equipment other than the one you already have. It works with a wireless adapter connected to a computer or laptop, turning it into an access point that shares the Internet connection between devices.

Wi-Fi receiver starts working as a radiator. Although such a home network will not be the most convenient (the main reason for this is the short signal range), but it will be quite enough if you are not able to use the router.

Advantages of the program WiFi Virtual Router

  • minimum of settings (to start the access point you only need to enter its name, password and select an active connection to the Internet);
  • the program is not completely free, but there is no annoying advertising in it, and with it no additional software is installed, as is the case with some conditionally free programs;
  • lack of system resources and no need to purchase additional equipment.

Disadvantages of the WiFi Virtual Router

  • the program is relatively young and at the same time is provided free of charge, which means the lack of support services and any guarantees;
  • may require additional configuration of the computer to ensure the correct operation of the program. However, the developer’s site has a step-by-step instruction with detailed explanations, thanks to which the setup can be done in just a few minutes.

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WiFi Virtual Router for Windows PC

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