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MPC HomeCinema is a viable alternative to Media Player Series 9 which is not so convenient, and to all of the programs, which are derived from it. MPC HomeCinema, full-featured cross functional player was created thanks to the efforts of developers who redesigned Windows Media Player 6.2 for this purpose. The newest version of MPC HomeCinema is available for download from our website, unlike WMP 6.2, it supports many additional formats: MOV, RoQ, RealVideo, OGG, FLI / FLC, SHOUTcast - streams, Bink and Smacker (for free download of MPC HomeCinema, use the link on the website). Media player also supports playback of audio stream in two formats while watching DVD - AC3 and DTS.

MPC functionality is sufficient in order to replace the paid WinDVD and PowerDVD. Film fans will appreciate the automatic "picked up" subtitles while watching DivX video and the opportunities for setting the color type and font.

MPC allows you to connect all sorts of plug-ins (MPC HomeCinema free download is possible on our website). For example, MatrixMixer can transform stereo into a pretty interesting sound, similar to 5.1 (channel spacing can be carried out by the user). To access most of the program functions, there are the appropriate hotkeys. The ability to self- identify the type of images rendering and “Favorites”menu of the media player are the enjoyable benefits of MPC HomeCinema.

New versions of the program, developed since 2012 have built-in codecs "bundled" and are able to decode video using the computational capabilities of video cards and / or processors with multiple cores.

The advantages of new versions of the media player can easily be at your disposal, it is enough to download MPC HomeCinema, using the link on our website.

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