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Rnote text editor relatively recently appeared in the Internet (April-May 2011) and immediately gained recognition and popularity among PC users. This program is the brainchild of the domestic producer (Raptor Software), was the quality, fashionable and useful development of the two authors of Russia (Dmitry Dudarenko) and Ukraine (Roman Sitnic). Rnote utility is free for download.

The text editor is compatible with Windows XP, NT, 2000 operating system and partly with 7 Win version. Interface is comfortable, simple and straightforward in use.
The main advantages of Rnote program:

  • fast work of the text editor which is due to its little weight (less than, for example, Word) and larger functional features;
  • there are handy tabs by means of which you don't need to open the program again;
  • the ability to use plug-ins which dramatically improve the utility;
  • support of the text encryption, opportunity of ciphertext encoding and preserving;
  • frequent program updating, removing bugs and flaws in it;
  • easy setting up of a text editor;
  • The program has a large amount of settings by means of which you can easily customize the text editor "for yourself."

Rnote text editor can be rightly considered a new generation program, its high functionality, huge choice of settings, fast operation and low weight allows to work much faster and comfortably on a personal computer.

On our site, it is possible to download Rnote completely free and install it on your PC.

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