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			Clean Master

Clean Master is a useful functional application for efficiently removing unnecessary files and applications from a computer. Differs in simplicity - even a novice user is able to understand the work of the program.

Initially, the utility performs an analysis, after which the user sees a list of files that can be deleted. All files to be deleted are divided into categories: video and audio, cache, etc. After scanning, the user can delete all files whose names are displayed on the screen using the Clean Now option. If you need to remove certain categories, you will need to specify the files manually. With the help of the residual file collector, additional space can be freed up by clearing the memory of files left over from remote applications.

Using the task manager, you can remove useless background processes that slow down your device. The user can customize the launch of the program when the device starts working. It is possible to turn on alerts if the volume of useless files exceeds the indicated level. After cleaning is completed, a chart displays the amount of free space.

The program will help all users of personal computers to clean the hard drive and optimize the operation of the device.

Clean Master Features

  • built-in optimization tools;
  • fast scan;
  • cleansing various areas of the device;
  • high quality animation effects;
  • intuitive search;
  • context menu integration;
  • maximum efficient functions;
  • visual effects of cleansing;
  • the ability to remove up to 2 GB of unnecessary information daily;
  • simple and intuitive interface;
  • there is a settings menu;
  • ease of use.

Disadvantages of the program

  • insufficiently advanced functionality;
  • The settings menu is not notable for reasonableness and a wide choice of options.

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