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Auslogics Boostspeed is a package made up of several utilities, each of which and all together serve for quick and free optimization of all services of your computer and increase its speed. The program works with Windows XP, 7, 8, Vista and "ten". There is a portable version of the program without installing it.

The appearance and first use of Auslogics Boostspeed

On the main page of Auslogics Boostspeed there is a menu of access to all functions and utilities of the program. The user can use the quick check all function.

When you press the green button, the program starts scanning the device, finding unnecessary files and offering to free up space on the disks, detects problems affecting the speed of the computer and the stability of the system. Upon completion of the restoration work, Auslogics Boostspeed issues a report on the corrected (or missed) problems and their number.

Available Auslogics Boostspeed Features

You can continue a more in-depth study of the problems encountered in the system and their elimination. To do this, find the button “All tools” (on the right, at the bottom of the window of the open program). In the window that opens, you will see the list of tools and utilities of Auslogics Boostspeed.

Computer Speed Up Tools

  • Disk Defragmenter
  • Cleaning the registry.
  • Registry defragmentation.
  • Manage applications that run with the OS.
  • Manager utilities (tweaks).

System management

  • Access information about your OS.
  • Manual optimization of the Internet connection.
  • Task Manager that starts and terminates applications.
  • Service Manager that starts and disables services on the OS.

Caring for computer security

  • Change browser settings, disable unnecessary extensions.
  • Recover files lost due to various reasons.
  • Permanently delete files from the device.
  • Erasing all unnecessary information from disks without the possibility of recovery.

Care about privacy

A running privacy check makes it possible to protect your personal data by deleting all your passwords and profile data from the system in order to prevent their theft.

In addition to these utilities, fully capable of restoring the lost performance of a computer, increasing its performance and speeding up the OS, Auslogics Boostspeed offers other ways to speed up. This includes the optimization of memory, processor, defragmentation of all disks and the protection service of Desktop Explorer, which prevents failures in its work.

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Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
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Auslogics Boostspeed for Windows PC

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