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			Mem Reduct

Mem Reduct is a utility for freeing and cleaning operating system memory pages. Allows you to free up to 25% of the system cache and idle pages of RAM.

Mem Reduct features

The utility does not require installation on a computer, so immediately after launching the file, the program is ready for use. The "Clear Memory" button starts the process, as a result of which a deep check and cleaning of the OS memory pages is performed. After the work is completed, the utility presents a similar report on the performance of the work performed.

In the program settings, users can:

  • select the desired memory area for cleaning;
  • configure automatic cleaning: every n-minutes or at a certain percentage of filling;
  • change the design and customize the display in the tray;
  • change basic parameters: interface language, hotkeys, etc.

A feature of Mem Reduction is its portability, which is ensured by the fact that the program does not make any entries in the system folders and registry. All data is stored in the folder with the utility.

Benefits of the utility

  • simple interface;
  • portable;
  • individual setting;
  • full information about the system load in real time.


  • the program uses undocumented features of the system, so some cleaning methods are not available in OS versions below Windows Vista.

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