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IPTV Player SimpleTV

free & convenient player for watching TV online
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IPTV Player SimpleTV is a free and convenient player for viewing TV programs in digital format. It also allows to listen radio and watch IPTV, there is support for torrent TV technology. For starting watching your favorite TV shows, download IPTV Player SimpleTV for free from our website.

Modern Torrent Stream technology, which is implemented in the program, allows you to view high-quality video without any delay. The developers equipped IPTV Player SimpleTV with the easy realizable interface. The program also has a good system of sorting channels, has the support for writing TV programs "on the fly."


IPTV Player SimpleTV

If you want to write some programs, without staying near your computer, IPTV Player SimpleTV can easily cope with this problem. At the right time it will switch on your PC and write television programs at a pre-specified range of time and in a required format, and then it will switch off the PC. And in the same way, you can view and burn videos anywhere on the network. Download IPTV Player SimpleTV for free from our website, and make it easy to take advantage of this and many other useful features of the program.


IPTV Player SimpleTV


List of the main features of the application:

  • The interface is flexible and has plenty of options;
  • You can play and burn rtmp- streams;
  • You can download the program guide and perform burning using it;
  • Editable lists of channel and files;
  • Channels can be arranged in a variety of ways;
  • Support for LUA script;
  • The function of multicast channels search;
  • The opportunity to work with UDPPROXY;
  • Simultaneous burning of eight channels at once;
  • The ability to run in the system tray;
  • Simultaneous playback of streams and video files;
  • Fully supported WinLirc;
  • PIP and multi PIP.

For starting watching TV-programs immediately, download IPTV Player SimpleTV for free using the link on our website.

Installation file data
Category Internet TV
Title IPTV Player SimpleTV
Version 0.4.8
Operating system Windows
License Free
Size 35.02 MB
Downloads 568,793
Price Free
Updated 2016-02-16

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IPTV Player SimpleTV reviews

0 Matia
Hi, I haven't any channel. Where can I find them?

2016-10-15 19:07

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+2 usuarioMX
Excellent interface, very clean, nice and powerfull enough, I'll like to have tha ability to add a list on URL m3u format, still can download and work with it, very good, recommended almost as good as Kodi...

2016-09-22 14:00

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+1 Ty
Hey I see that you have downloaded IPTV .....can you please point me in the right direction to download and install because know matter which link I click it just doesn't download .
Many Thanks in advance if you can help.

2016-10-12 18:11

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+3 Roberto
Click on blue download button with text "Windows" that is before the comments.

2016-10-12 18:14

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-1 michael
within this app, you can watch world live tv over lihattv
at simple tv app, open url, fill url with, over 3000+ channel for free to watch

2016-08-05 01:53

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0 dave
cant get this to work what am i doin wrong

2016-09-05 13:00

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MERCII for all thank you

2016-06-10 01:51

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0 dasou

2016-05-30 13:17

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+2 Muzo
Downloading it is simple, installation OK apart from the Russian Language. when starts it ask to confirm the language, English was chosen, it start, then jams up with an error.
Tried it 3 time and had to give up at the end.
As everyone mentioned the IPTV list have tendency to be very large but of little use, which is a shame, otherwise ITV is good.
Let's not forget to thank the developers of the program and the people who set up and provide the channels lists.

Thumbs up, well done and thanks.

2015-12-10 23:21

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+2 derek
hi how do u install the simple player a cant get it to download plz help thanks

2016-05-08 10:17

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+3 Francois
I just Love it! I get an Email with new IPTV channels every day. Even a dumb guy like me understand most of it.

2015-09-15 09:42

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nedim akankan
+1 nedim akankan
yukarida yazilanlari iyi anliyorum ama ingilizce yazamiyorum benim mailimede simpel tv indirme linki atarmisiniz lutfen

2015-07-06 09:55

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+1 nthreext
Sen Türklerin ortak sorununa yakalanmışsın. "Anlıyorum ama konuşamıyorum". neyse link gönderme yok

2015-11-21 22:50

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0 Priyan
Anybody know how to dis scrambling a scrambled signal.Also any player support scrambled signal.
Pl advice me.
Thank you

2015-05-10 16:41

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0 Emmy
The same as other IPTV-software it has long list and only few working channels. As advantage - simple interface.

2015-04-17 09:57

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0 nickolaj
I used a variety of TV players. But now I do not use them. Typically, their channel list is very large, but really the list of working channels is very small.

2014-11-30 17:25

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0 Geyb
Excellent program for viewing video and television. easy to use and does not require huge knowledge. recommend to all

2014-11-11 10:32

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0 Jane
Easy in use and very quick in work program. I don't watch TV, only IPTV. The advantage - you can edit your own list of channels.

2014-09-13 16:35

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0 Humarr
Kindly help me to download IPTV please either on my Android phone or on my laptop

2016-04-19 23:22

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gregg Dutcher
+3 gregg Dutcher
On android an app....not on app store....Google directly to download MOBDRO's great!!!!

2016-05-11 16:35

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