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Learning programming from scratch for kids
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Scratch is a unique interactive product that allows you to learn the basics of programming from scratch, and it will make this process extremely exciting. All the tools of the program are intuitive and very entertaining: initially, the target audience of the environment was children of school age, but Scratch is ideal for anyone who wants to learn programming to start. Working with the application will provide an idea, including multi-threaded and object-oriented programming.

Scratch Features

The main generating element of Scratch is a sprite: an object that combines a graphic component (or, a suit that can be changed in a special editor) and a script script. Sprite is placed on a special field-scene, and all its actions are set using the blocks located on the palette.

The following block groups are available to the user:

  • movement: to control the movement of the sprite;
  • appearance: to change the exterior of the sprite;
  • sound: add audio effects;
  • pen: for the implementation of "turtle graphics";
  • events: to describe the actions of an object;
  • control: to create control structures and event handlers;
  • Sensors: for interfacing with input devices;
  • operations: to implement arithmetic operations and logical operations;
  • variables: provide the ability to work with lists and variables.

It is possible to directly edit the code if the user does not have enough opportunities provided by standard package objects.


Scratch allows you to get a functional and multimedia bright result even for beginners, while advanced users will be able to hone their skills and enrich their product with interesting solutions. The program is still being developed, constantly improving the functionality.

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