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			CodeLobster PHP Edition

CodeLobster PHP Edition is powerful enough and versatile editor of HTML, CSS, Java, PHP files that have built-in debugger and the analogue of FireBug inspector. Furthermore, you can download CodeLobster PHP Edition free from our website.

This editor incorporates additional plugins that support work with MySQL, Smarty, WordPress, jQuery, Drupal, CodeIgniter, CakePhp, Symfony Facebook, and Joomla. Thanks to the built-in plugin for CMS Joomla, you can now create as modules and components as plugins. Thanks to the available prompts, editing of the extensions will be much easier.

The additional feature of this plugin is the ability to create templates from scratch and edit them for Joomla, as well as the creation of a finished structure of folders and files and other functions. This plugin allows you to work with such Joomla versions as 1.5 and 1.7.
There are opportunities to download and install Joomla management system directly from the CMS repository.

This editor is considered one of the most powerful PHP-editors, which has the most full-featured debugger, prompts, code highlighting as well as filling of variables and functions autocompletion. Besides all the available plugins in the editor, there is help.

The main features of CodeLobster PHP Edition editor include:

  • when working with HTML, there's code highlighting, tags and tag attributes are automatically filled;
  • when working with PHP, there's full agent, autocompletion of class variables, methods and functions, as well as dynamic help.
  • when working with different CMS, there are: auto completion, syntax, context and dynamic help, tooltips and code highlighting.

Download CodeLobster PHP Edition free from our website right now.

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