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			Pascal ABC

Pascal ABC is an interpreter of the PascalABC.NET programming language for Windows. Equipped with a graphical visualization interface. Interprets the functional tools of the Microsoft .NET Framework distribution. Analyzes and “highlights” the syntax of the programming languages Pascal and Delphi.

It supports the creation, interpretation and editing of classes, GUI control interfaces, lambda expressions, as well as the processing of "reload operations", "generic classes", "parallel interpretation of functions", "subprogram loading" and other "modern" functional programming tools.

Pascal ABC functional

  • Analyzes the entered characters, "breaks" them into fragmented "lexical" and "syntactic" blocks, highlights them in the interface;
  • It loads functional elements from the Microsoft .NET Framework distribution, integrates them into the specified “location” of the program code;
  • Integrates the “code part” of the GUI controls elements of the GUI;
  • Visualizes the result in the “work zone”;
  • Interprets the "lexical" and "syntactic" constructions of the programming languages Pascal and Delphi;
  • Imports into the “work zone” the digital code of the selected “function module”;
  • It notifies about errors in the code and highlights them in the interface.

Features of the interpreter

  • Full support for all the "modern" functional tools of the Microsoft .NET Framework distribution;
  • Integrated visualizer GUI elements;
  • The ability to create and integrate into the code "functional elements" created using the programming languages Pascal and Delphi "in one click";
  • Automatic search for errors in the code and their highlighting in the interface;
  • Several variations of syntax highlighting;
  • Dozens of pre-installed functional "modules" for creating specialized utilities "for all occasions".


  • Requires pre-installation of the Microsoft .NET Framework distribution;
  • Interpretation of the "vocabulary" of the Delphi programming language is not fully implemented.

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