Bluefish 2.2.10

Convenient text and source code editor
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Program Bluefish wil be great help in the work of programmers or web designers. It is a handy text editor. Its appearance resembles NotePad, but differs from it in interesting features.

  • Program's performance is quite high.
  • Bluefish can work flawlessly even when files 10,000 are open! This can be explained by the fact that the application is lightweight and doesn't load the memory. The application runs without problems on the Intel Atom processor.
  • You can run a fairly large number of projects in one window of the editor.
  • The program works on different operating systems: there is a version for Windows and Linux
  • Using tabs, it's convenient to switch attention to several documents simultaneously.
  • As well as other editors, Bluefish has adjustable backlighting. It is helpful for different codes, markings, HTML or CSS.
  • When the system crashes, all documents are saved, and when you switch, they open automatically
  • HTML-tags close by themselves, which is very convenient for developers
  • All the most common encodings, including UTF-8 are recognized
  • You can minimize the paragraphs or blocks of text and thereby improve orientation, if you write holographic code
  • Search which runs according to the POSIX standard and supports replacement.
  • Recognizing regular expressions compatible with Perl.

Bluefish program can be downloaded from our site absolutely free. This unique text editor is loved for its light weight with exceptional performance.

Try it out and see how the rich is the functionality of this application!

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