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Notepad++ is a free source code editor. Download Notepad++ free from our site, where you can find the latest version.
The application is an improved alternative to the usual "Notepad". A useful feature of the program is syntax highlighting of programming languages. The program has a strong functional capabilities for such text formatting language as C++. The application works very fast. Notepad++ is indispensable for programmers.

Key features of the app:

  • syntax highlighting and collapsing units according to programming languages;
  • built-in WYSIWYG text editor, with which you can see the printed text like it was on the screen;
  • You can customize the syntax highlighting;
  • words are automatically printed out, when you type them in the editor;
  • You can work simultaneously with multiple documents and view them;
  • the ability to support regular expression of Search/Replace;
  • the possibility of dragging text passages;
  • the ability to dynamically change the view window;
  • the program can determine the status of files automatically;
  • there is a function of increasing and decreasing;
  • support for a large number of languages;
  • the ability to leave notes;
  • automatic selection of parentheses when editing text;
  • the program can record and run macros.

Notepad++ is a multifunctional application. Its distribution is free and without restrictions on use.

You can download Notepad++ from this page.

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