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AeroAdmin is a program that provides remote access to another user's computer. It is easy to use, does not require installation, registration, settings, has a Russian interface.

Immediately after downloading and running the program file, it can be used. A small-sized executable file (2 MB) is loaded from the developer’s site and must be run on the local and remote computers.

AeroAdmin performs the functions of remote:

  • technical support;
  • observation or monitoring;
  • system administration;
  • data usage.


The program is available to use for free or to purchase a version with advanced functionality. This software is characterized by the following features:

  • organization of several parallel sessions (incoming and outgoing);
  • Internet connection is sufficient to create a connection;
  • built-in convenient file manager;
  • support for all platforms Windows, Linux, Mac OS;
  • good response rates are provided by automatic image quality adjustment;
  • transfer key combinations;
  • installation of unsupervised access;
  • autoscaling, autoscrolling;
  • remote user change;
  • reboot in normal and safe modes;
  • transparency for firewall;
  • lock Windows;
  • AES and RSA encryption.


Separately, you can stay on the issue of security connection. The program provides several authorization methods: manually, by ID, IP, password or combined.

The remote user has the option to give / not give permission to connect a computer and set access rights - viewing the screen, controlling the keyboard and mouse, synchronizing the clipboard, accessing files on the machine. In the program menu it is available to activate the function so that the administrator can edit the access rights on his own.

Also of the convenient features worth noting remembering the answer for a specific administrator, adding a user to the blacklist and contact book, which can be activated for free. All this is set in the client window when connected.

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AeroAdmin for Windows PC

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This is a great remote desktop software. It is easy-to-install and offers all the features i need. Awesome for remote work. It can be used for business purposes right away apart from competitors. I have been using it for a year.

2022-12-12 11:45

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