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TightVNC is a system for remote access to other computers, with the possibility of a simple and intuitive control, using the keyboard and mouse. The connection is made either through the browser or through a client program that uses the built-in web-server.

TightVNC program has a very efficient optimization algorithm that enables you to work on a slow flow of communication. Apart from optimized bandwidth, the program has many other improvements. It is fully compatible with other services, using VNC protocol in their work.
TightVNC can be divided into two parts: «Viewer» - client and «Server» - server. To control another computer, it is necessary to install the server. TightVNC program can be run both manually and can function as an operating system service.

The important functional features of TightVNC should include the following: automatic termination of inactive connections, the ability to transfer data and files, password protection, setting access to the IP. TightVNC can also be used with removable media - it's a definite plus. In addition, the program is completely free for distributing, and you can download TightVNC for free right now.

Let us discuss some important features and capabilities of TightVNC:

  • Remote management of applications;
  • Convenient and easy administration of the data;
  • Help and technical support;
  • The ability to remotely help friends with the problems of your software;
  • Save time while traveling.

Now, even if you are away from your computer, you can always make sure it is in a good condition, or to perform important tasks remotely from home or office.

Download TightVNC on your computer and enjoy all the features of the program yourself.

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