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UltraVNC is a very unique, easy to use and free software which can help you remotely control anyPC via the internet channel or simply through the network. After downloading free UltraVNC, you get the opportunity to observe the screen of some other machine on your monitor. The program helps you easy use your equipment to control the remote PC. This means you can perform operations on it, as if you are right in front of it, though, in fact, you can be miles away from that computer.

If you render remote technical assistance, by means of UltraVNC, you'll instantly get access to the client's programs no matter where they are located. If these clients use SingleClick extension, then they don't have to install software on the PC or be involved in any technical activities. The program has a great performance, so that the delay of image displaying between your PC and the remote one will be very low, even with poor internet connection.

The main functions of UltraVNC also include file transfer between the system and the remote machine, video transfer, possible traffic encryption, text chat between computers by means of the program, scaling up, support for a large number of monitors, computer's health support through a proxy server, offline connection recovery and more.


  • Automatic configuration and the possibility of instantaneous configuration for easy connection;
  • UltraVNC includes Viewer Toolbar for instant access to all the major functions;
  • Instant operation speed. On W2000 and XP OS, the UltraVNC program can use additional driver ofvideo transmission.

You can download UltraVNC from our website free and without registration.

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UltraVNC for Windows PC

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