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FreeCAD - parametric CAD for Windows. Interacts with most popular 3D formats (SVG, IGES, OBJ, STEP, DA, STL, DXF, IFC, etc.), visualizes the booms stored in them, vertices, meshes and other elements of three-dimensional graphics in the interface.

The basis of this CAD is the concept of parametric 3D modeling, which allows you to influence the “shapes” and “meshes” not only “directly”, but also by changing the properties of the objects associated with their vertexes. Equipped with integrated interpreters C ++ and Python, allowing you to connect third-party plug-ins and modules. It has its own macro editor. Can build engineering drawings based on three-dimensional models.

FreeCAD functionality

  • It loads, analyzes, normalizes and visualizes SVG, IGES, OBJ, STEP, DA, STL, DXF, IFC and other popular 3D formats in the interface. It can import formats not provided for by the original functionality using plug-ins and modules;
  • Fully supports the technology of CASCADE cores, realizing the possibility of using brep and nurbs tools when editing complex three-dimensional models with a large number of vertices and polygons;
  • Constantly reads the properties of each element, and modifies the parameters of the objects and vertices associated with them, including the animated storyboards;
  • Stores all changes within one session in the buffer. Writes them to the stack when the corresponding function is initiated;
  • Interprets C ++ and Python code. Corrects the edited model and / or interface and functionality, in accordance with the code of scripts / plug-ins / modules;
  • Writes all user actions to the macro (when it is created). Interprets macro code (when it is initiated). Corrects the macro code in accordance with the user edits made using the integrated macro editor;
  • Converts the geometry of 2D-and 3D-models into set designers and drawings, sends the result to print;
  • Supports Sketcher technology with a “solver” and a terminator interpreter;
  • Render editable three-dimensional model povray-or LuxRender-method;
  • Exports the result of the work in the selected format.

Features of CAD

  • Import / export of most modern formats of three-dimensional graphics;
  • Full support for all the benefits of the parametric concept of 3D modeling;
  • Modular, customizable interface;
  • Integrated interpreters for C ++ and Python;
  • Ability to build engineering drawings;
  • Dozens of built-in tools for solving narrowly focused tasks (calculator of the thread line for milling, robot motion analyzer, hundreds of engineering reference tables, etc.);
  • The possibility of using CAD in educational institutions without the need for licensing.


  • Third-party modules and plug-ins do not always work correctly;
  • The construction of engineering drawings is based on the western nomenclature.

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