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DiaCze is a free image editor with open source code, which main purpose is creating diagrams. DiaCze was created by Czech developers, but there are versions translated by English craftsmen. For the program there is a reference, which, unfortunately.

The main window of the program (which can be scaled) looks like a squared notebook - it is divided into fields, which groups are, in addition, differentiated among themselves on dark blue lines, which is made for convenience. Furthermore, this window might be infinitely increased in length and width as the Microsoft Excel program. The top and left panel of the main window shows a measuring stick, which adapt to the cells depending on the scale.

The program involves the creation of interconnected charts, which in general is similar to web. It is therefore in DiaCze ther are initially available tools for creating all kinds of lines, arrows, and other polygons, squares, circles, a variety of images, and so forth. DiaCze is a program with open source code, which means that it can be easily changed. For the program, there are many extensions and libraries of elements that can be downloaded online.

DiaCze will suit business people engaged in the corporate world, as well as those who work in a team on the Internet and has his own projects, and the program just for intelligible explanation of anything, any ideas or images through the chart.

You can download DiaCze program for free from our website right now.

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0 Adolf
Nice editor for diagramms. I think this graphic editor is much more better, than paint and others. It is very simple in use.

2016-04-15 17:54

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