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DuckCapture is a very simple and intuitive program, with which you can easily take screenshots of the entire screen as well as a selected area, a window or an object (using auto-scroll). Taken screen shots can be saved in such formats as .PNG, .BMP, or .JPG with different compression ratios.
In this application, there is also a tool that allows to annotate images. DuckCapture has also support for "hot" keys and a variety of templates for automatic naming of files.

Upon completion of working with a graphic file, the resulting image can be copied to the clipboard and pasted into a text or a such graphic editor as Microsoft Word.
The application functional can also be extended by using scenarios, for instance, for using e-mail or for downloading via FTP.

DuckCapture application also has four shooting modes in its "arsenal": window capture, some area of the screen capture, scrolling or full screen shooting.
To capture a screen area, you need to draw the frame you want on the screen and capture all that is within this framework. The selected area can be rectangular as well as arbitrarily shaped.

If the necessary web page doesn't fit on the display, DuckCapture automatically scrolls a web page or window, so that the screenshot of the entire screen is taken.

This application incorporates a number of tools for editing and for annotating.

After you create a copy of the screen, you can immediately start editing the resulting image: make comments, draw arrows, and more. You can download DuckCapture free from our website right now.

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