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Screenshot Captor is a free software that allows you to take pictures of different areas of the screen and has significant functionality. Screenshot Captor allows you to take screenshots of the entire screen as a whole, as well as separate windows and their elements: buttons, toolbars, and so on. You can download Screenshot Captor free easily, directly from this site, using the published link. Screenshot Captor can make simultaneous snapshot from multiple monitors.

Apart from everything else, the program can automatically assign file names, annotate screenshots, create thumbs (small copies of pictures for preview), and is also equipped with other useful tools.

The list of the Screenshot Captor main features:

  • variety of settings - setting subject almost anything;
  • texts can be applied in various colors, sizes, fonts, add shadow and alignment;
  • You can edit each screenshot (select, crop, resize, blur);
  • screenshots can be supplemented by such signages as arrows of different colors and sizes, equipped with signatures;
  • You can make it so that the screenshots will open in a convenient editor;
  • Support for multiple formats, including JPEG, BMP, PCX, GIF, TIFF, PNG, and other;
  • The level of compression can be customized for JPEG and PNG fornmats;
  • Image can be zoomed up to 999 %;
  • high altitude windows scroll automatically;
  • consumption of system resources at a minimum level.

To get these powerful and useful functions at the disposal, just download Screenshot Captor free.
Easily removable drawback of the program is a number of annoying messages that stop bothering after obtaining a free license key.

For starting to take screenshots easily, download Screenshot Captor free from our website at any convenient

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