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Capture an interesting moment in the game, a funny message in the correspondence in social networks, and then share it with friends, take a screenshot of an error message, then send the picture to the technical support - any user needs screenshots more often than you might think. After all, no wonder they say seeing is believing.

Rapid Screenshot is a free program that simplifies the process of creating screenshot. The application allows you to customize comfortable hotkey for yourself so that, when clicked, in fact, it will take a screenshot. Rapid Screenshot main convenience is that you can choose to take a screenshot of the entire screen (double-click on the shortcut key) or a part of it (single-click). All you needis download Rapid Screenshot and install it on your PC.

Your boss doesn't believe that you've just sent him a report on the work done? Or are you afraid that next time there will be no information on the website? To address these issues you just need to download Rapid Screenshot, a free program for creating screenshots to instantly take and save a screenshot. Now you will have all the necessary information in the jpg format.

Also, in the application, you can make the most simple editing - pencil to underline the necessary information, draw a line, insert explanatory text. All this will display the information for which the screenshot is taken, even more clearly.

You can download Rapid Screenshot free from our website now using the link below.

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Rapid Screenshot for Windows PC

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0 Jannie
I usually do not edit screenshots except crop so this software probably is not for me. However I liked description, so maybe I'll try:)

2015-04-27 10:08

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0 Berry
This software is rather simple. It would be useful for any user. Even child will be able to make rapid screenshots with this application.

2015-01-30 16:07

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0 George
I like this application, it's rather convinient for creating and editing screenshots. The function of text insert is very useful for me.

2014-12-14 13:58

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