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FastStone Capture is a free product that provides a very powerful and feature-rich application that allows you to not only get screenshots from your PC, but also edit them.

Functional potential of this application is large enough. With this utility, the user gets an opportunity not only to edit the resulting image, but also many other services for working with images.

Due to this program, the user can view the graphics files of such formats as: TGA, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PCX, BMP, as well as the common type of audio formats - .PDF.

Image editor is very convenient and easy, and thanks to simple interface, it allows to easily rotate images, change the size and color depth, cut fragments and carry a huge variety of operations with graphics files.

Also it is worth noting that your application has hot keys and a large number of services with which you can quickly and easily take screenshots of the required active window. It is possible to make a screenshot of the entire window as well as of a certain selection.

With this application, you can also add such various explanatory notes as watermarks and overlays or arrowheads, to the already existing screenshot. Among other things, the FastStone Capture utility allows to record everything that happens on the screen, then the result can be viewed in one video.

Taken screenshots can also be sent by an email or pasted into a Word text document.
Download FastStone Capture free cfrom our website.

The main advantages of FastStone Capture include:

  • the opportunity to take pictures from a web page;
  • large number of supported formats;
  • the opportunity to take a picture of the entire area or a certain one;
  • simplicity of the interface.

You can download FastStone Capture free from our website right now.

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FastStone Capture for Windows PC

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0 Hanna
For me this is the best program for creating screenshots. Allows you to to shoot any section of the screen. Shoot video. Shoot with scrolling. Take color from any area of the screen. I recommend.

2014-11-13 13:12

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