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Utility for creating and editing screenshots
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The main purpose of WinSnap is taking screenshots and their subsequent editing. Feature of the program is that it won't be difficult to capture windows of non-rectangular forms. WinSnap can automatically fix some graphics bugs, handle rounded corners of the window, save the results in a variety of formats, and much more. A variety of effects can be applied, including the insertion of the watermark, rotattion, contour, color correction, scaling. You can now start taking screenshots, it is enough to download WinSnap to your PC and install it.

Here's the list of the important configuration features of the program:

  • Localization of the interface can be selected by the user;
  • Auto save function has advanced settings;
  • Hot keys can also be conveniently configured by the user.

As the size of the WinSnap source distribution is small, in this case it isn't the reflection of the constrained functional. Additionally, the speed of the program is quite good, too. If you want to get your hands on a compact and customizable tool called WinSnap, you can download it directly from our site, installation and setup won't take much time.

Modes of program's operation for taking screenshots:

  • Mode for full-screen images;
  • Mode for shots of active windows;
  • Mode for target snapshots of certain programs' windows;
  • Mode for taking snapshots of selected sections.

List of new features of the fourth version:

  • Quickly edit and annotate screenshots afterwards;
  • Capture Aero Glass;
  • Captured images can be enhanced with these effects: highlights, outlines, shadows, color inversion, grayscale;
  • Qualitative cropping of images;
  • Image processing with transparency;
  • Convenient user interface improvements.

If you have a desire to do immediately take and enhance screenshots, you can download WinSnap from our site now.

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