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We'd like to bring to your attention the latest version of the free PicPick program. You'll enjoy and use it, which is a fact. You can download PicPick free from our website right now. It is a collection of very useful features, without which neither a professional designer, nor a layout designer, nor an ordinary "advanced" user can do.

So, what does this small size program give? Here's the list the main features after learning which, you will want to download PicPick, moreover it's free right on our website:

  • screen capture (entire screen ,active window, any specific region of your desktop, etc.) and transfer it in an instant built-in image editor, where it can be modified at your discretion and written in a graphical format or in pdf;
  • a unique set of "tools" for real designer. This is color palette, zoom window, and a ruler by which you will easily measure the desired region of your desktop in pixels. Add here a tool for determining the color code anywhere on the screen by moving the cursor and clicking the mouse button. And there's a protractor which can accurately identify any angular value. There's a "Cosshair" tool, using which you can define the coordinates of any point on the screen. Agree that just for the sake of these few "goodies" PicPick is worth downloading;
  • there is a great tool, "Whiteboard", using which you write on the screen, make some notes, highlight sections of arbitrary shape to save it all and transmit it as intended.

You can download PicPick free from our website right now and become the owner of the necessary in the daily work program.

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