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Joxi is a handy software for image sharing between Internet users. In this case there is no need to search for and use of the services of third-party hosting: the software uses its own server. Download Joxi free from our website.

The server which the program uses, doesn't only keep the user screenshots, but can also instantly publish them to social networks on behalf of the user.

In addition to its primary function, Joxi provides the user with a set of tools to add subscription to images, draw lines, designate any important areas on them. In addition, in Joxi there is a tool that can "blur" any area of the image you want to hide. To start showing to friends and acquaintances, only those fragments of images that they need to see, you can download Joxi from our site. Also the program can choose the desired area of the screen and copy only it instead of the whole screen.

The program contains everything you need to control its operation:

  • the ability to set hot keys, which when pressed, will create images;
  • the feature of screenshot autosave in a directory set for this;
  • the quality of the original image can be adjusted to the desired level.

Note that this quite convenient to use program doesn't require payment for the use of all its features.

Functional features of the Joxi program:

  • You can select the screen area for the implementation of snapshots;
  • Images are uploaded to the server automatically and then can be easily published on social networks;
  • With the help of tools you can make inscriptions, select areas, hide subimages, "blurring" them;
  • program supports hotkeys.

To start taking screenshots and upload them to the social network right now, download Joxi free from our website by clicking the corresponding link.

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