Monosnap 3.0.6

Free program for taking screenshots from the monitor screen
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The latest version of the Monosnap program is already available to everyone. This "cloud" service allows you to almost instantly get screenshots, and send the image data to your friends or colleagues.

Due to its simplicity and usability, the program has won the hearts of most active PC users. We are increadibly delighted that you can download Monosnap free just in a few seconds. The installed application allows you to create screenshots of the entire screen, active window or a specific part. In any case, you will get a clear and quality picture. In addition, there are features that allow you to annotate and edit the resulting images.

Monosnap can downloaded with the following useful features:

  • Support for keyboard shortcuts;
  • Selecting the area with maximum accuracy using 8x magnifier;
  • After login, the screenshots are saved in the cloud for images (free service);
  • Image editor is presented by underlining, arrows, text and geometric shapes and the "Blur" option.

Sometimes a screenshot is not enough to explain a certain situation. Therefore, developers have simplified life of the consumers and added the ability to shoot video, which then can be placed either on Monosnap server or on Youtube.

All these unique features allow to solve problems with the maximum benefit. We suggest you not to put offintroduction to this excellent application.

You can download Monosnap from our server now!

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Monosnap for Windows PC

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