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iTools is a handy tool for working with iOS gadgets connected to a PC. The program is available wireless synchronization. After connecting all the device content is sorted into the appropriate sections of the program.

The program expands the standard functionality of the iTunes client, being not only a cataloger, but also a file manager and tool for working with backup copies and media files.

ITools Interface and Features

After installation, a visual window appears with a suggestion to connect the gadget to the computer. After connecting, the program will display key information on the device, including the version of the operating system, the model of the device and the presence of hacking. You can also see more details about the gadget in the “View Details” section.

All work is organized on the principle of tabs, each of which with its name corresponds to a specific category of information and settings:

  • applications;
  • media;
  • Photo;
  • books;
  • disk space;
  • information;
  • file manager;
  • advanced settings.

To copy the desired file, just drag it to the appropriate section of PC memory or vice versa.

More freedom iTools gives when installing applications. You can install programs from both the iTunes folder and from external sources. In addition, you can make backup copies of any application that the standard Apple client doesn’t "know how". This is useful if you want to transfer any game or application with the saved data to another iOS device. The main thing is to use the same iTunes account.

iTools contains its own library of applications. The software allows you to edit a system backup created through a standard client. Implemented the ability to create ringtone files. The user can clear the memory of garbage that accumulates in the process. Directly from the client, you can turn off or restart the gadget.

A full memory diagram allows you to see which types of data are stored on a mobile device. Of the minuses, it is worth noting that the program can only be used when iTunes is installed on the PC. Another disadvantage is the slow video conversion.

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