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iSpy is a multifunctional program for PC, thanks to which the user can remotely monitor the room on behalf of his computer. iSpy is effectively used in offices, shops, banks and warehouses, where you can install a webcam that will cover part of the object.

The task of the program is to react to movements and sound vibrations in the room and notify the owner. As soon as iSpy detects visual and sound changes, you will receive an SMS. Note that these and other additional features are chargeable.

ISpy Benefits and Features

The functionality of the paid version of the program covers the cost of its use, especially when it comes to multiplayer applications in the office. The advantages of iSpy include:

  1. The ability to record video and automatically send to Youtube.
  2. Stability and reliability of work, regardless of the equipment of the PC and the quality of video and audio accessories.
  3. Ability to protect the program with a password.
  4. Automatic saving of the recording and copying it to the hard disk.
  5. The presence of Russian and English interface. Also, application developers - Ispyconnect regularly update iSpy and expand its capabilities.
  6. Convenient and intuitive functionality, where most of the function is free. To perform additional tasks, simply create an account and be authorized in the application itself.
  7. Saving the record to the standard format for your device, so the user does not have to convert the record to get a high-quality picture.
  8. Automatic sending of images by e-mail with notification to the phone. You also determine the interval at which iSpy takes pictures.

Use and configure iSpy

To work with iSpy, it is enough to have Windows, starting with the XP version. You can install the plug-in and extend its functionality.

The main disadvantage of the program is the fee for sending SMS to the phone and mail. However, iSpy has the status of a free program, so there is no charge for installing and using basic functions.

To configure and manage the program, you must:

  • add a device (webcam and microphone);
  • select the area and observation markup in the Motion Detection menu;
  • select a convenient notification format;
  • adjust the quality and parameters of shooting.

In general, iSpy can be attributed to the best programs in its category. The popularity and quality of the application is due to the wide functionality and smooth operation, which practically replaces the video surveillance tools we are used to.

You can unpack the archive with the downloaded program using the zip archiver .

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