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NetworkTrafficView is a free utility designed to capture and control data from the Internet adapter. Allows you to conduct advanced monitoring of network activity and keep a record of all outgoing and incoming traffic. The utility allows you to receive detailed information about the transmitted data of the most popular protocols - IPv6-4, TCP, ICMP. It is also possible to obtain data on IP, DNS and MAC addresses of computers connected to a network adapter.

The program, despite its small size (less than one megabyte), has a fairly large functionality. It will be useful to system and network administrators, programmers and computer security specialists.

NetworkTrafficView is a simplified sniffer designed to display all streaming data transmitted through a network adapter. The utility does not allow to control the transmitted packets, only conducts their monitoring.

Benefits of the NetworkTrafficView utility

  • advanced monitoring of network activity;
  • recognition system of all the most popular data transfer protocols;
  • many filters for real-time monitoring;
  • portability - the program does not require installation procedures;
  • free license;
  • Multilanguage support - English / Russian.

The utility is suitable for installation on computers running the Windows operating system, ranging from XP to 8.1. For the full NetworkTrafficView operation in the Windows 7-8 OS environment, you need to select Administrator rights at startup, otherwise the program may become unstable.

The NetworkTrafficView installer is provided in a zip archive, for unpacking of which any free zip archiver is used .

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NetworkTrafficView for Windows PC

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