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SwitchVirtualRouter is an application for managing virtual Wi-Fi access points (creating, configuring, starting and disconnecting). It is intended for use on Windows computers and laptops.

Using the SwitchVirtualRouter application

If you have an external USB Wi-Fi, you can run a virtual access point, that is, Hot Spot. In other words, the presence of a router with wireless support is not necessary at all, because the SwitchVirtualRouter utility will allow distributing the Internet from a computer.

The main advantages of SwitchVirtualRouter

  • compact size of the installed application and low system resource requirements;
  • no need to start services;
  • the ability to configure the adapter and restart it;
  • turning off the computer or switching to hibernation;
  • control over access to the Network;
  • administration of devices using the created connection;
  • availability of a special pop-up menu for easy application setup.

The only drawback is that the application works only on Windows 7 and 8.

To configure the application, just go to the general tab and specify the main parameters of work: automatic launch, the presence of an icon in the tray, etc. After the launch, there will remain a few more Internet distribution options. Then you can close SwitchVirtualRouter, and the virtual access point will work automatically, and you can use the Internet on several devices at once. In this case, the device will be assigned one of the statuses:

  • The IP address is issued and the device (possibly) has access to the Internet;
  • IP address not issued;
  • The IP address is issued, but Internet access is not provided.

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