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If you need a functional free media player that can play multiple files and have a variety of options, you'll need BSPlayer. This free media player, in addition to its main purpose, has a lot of different functions.

Playing video from Youtube

  • BSPlayer has the function of file player and downloading manager from Youtube video hosting. Video can be stored on a computer hard drive in Flvformat.

Your own BS.MediaLibrary ™ library

  • All audio files are stored in a library player in a convenient list. With support for multiple languages, the player is available to residents of a large number of countries.

Easy manipulation of files

  • If you don't like to open the files in the app, it will be more convenient for you to drag and drop them directly into the player window. BSPlayer provides such an opportunity as any multimedia file, even packed in archives, can be opened by dragging.


  • The player has the ability to display subtitles of various formats:. Srt,. Sub,. Txt and even twice packed Vobsub. You can edit the location of subtitle, display two files at once in different languages ​​and set up display details: color, shadow, stroke and more. Subtitles can be also read in video inMkv video format.

Full screen mode

  • You like enjoying movies on big screen? BSPlayer can fit on any video monitor or TV screen without any loss of image definition. The quality can be optimized in the corresponding menu items.

Playing video in different resolutions

  • Files are played in 240 px resolution and in Full HD quality. The settings for each resolution are listed in the menu. They are very easy to understand for even a new user.

Ability to change skin

  • For a variety of appearance of the program, there is a rich selection of different skins provided. You can also create your own cover, to make color scheme and design pleasant for yourself.

Reproducing the sound using the InterVideo AC3 codec

  • BSPlayer can play pure original sound due to support for S / PDIF output for AC3 files. You can customize such modules such as EQ and Winamp.

Editing INI - files

  • In these text files all the parameters entered by the user are stored. If you in settings do not want to search for the necessary one, edit the INI - file.

Command line mode

  • For the experienced users who are accustomed to a lack of graphical user interfaces, command line saving time for the teams, can be useful.

Creating playlists

  • Favorite audio file can be placed in the desired order to the playlist and played not all at once, but according to the determinate order.

The aspect ratio change

  • The player supports auto-panning function with its setting up. If your screen has an aspect ratio of 4:3 and the movie of 16:9, you may have problems with the display, which is simply solved by setting.

Support for AVCHD format

  • Advanced Video Codec High Definition format, also known as AVC-HD or AVC HD, is used in digital cameras. BSPlayer will play it without any problems.

BSPlayer application is characterized by its diversity of offered functionality and is approved by users due to ease of use. You can download BSPlayer for free fromour website by clicking the appropriate link.

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BSplayer for Windows PC

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0 Mary
It`s one of my favourite program for music and video. I'm not very strong with computers, so the simplicity of any program is a very important thing for me. BSplayer 2.68.1077 is a simple player, I like it very much.

2016-03-15 23:05

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0 Nick Miller
Not bad pleyer for PC, and very good for Anroid smartphone. I downloaded this player on my smartphone and was pleased with his work.

2016-01-28 18:01

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