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JetAudio is a multi-player for viewing and editing audio and video, converting files to another format, disc creation, and creation of the radio and listening to it, sound recording from audio devices, etc.

There are 4 different versions of the program. Basic and Basic VX (JetAudio can be downloaded for free) and paid versions: Premiere VX, Plus VX.

What is the program capable of and what are its characteristics?

  • Small RAM requirements and other computer settings.
  • 20-band equalizer.
  • Sound Effects: restoring of sound clarity, bass boost via Mach3Bass and other.
  • The opportunity of shifting the pitch.
  • Working with tempo and speed of file playback.
  • The best quality is achieved by using 32 -bit audio processing.
  • Built-in decoder.
  • Installing of the corresponding codecs directly from the Internet.
  • Unicode support, 5.1 multichannel sound and localizations.
  • Tracks overwrite feature.
  • Setting up playback sequence and creating bookmarks.
  • Displaying synchronized and unsynchronized lyrics.
  • Tag editor available, audio files with silence sensor, mixing, timer, equalizer.
  • The access of tone and sound damping.
  • You can download JetAudio for free.
  • Burning audio CDs.
  • Work with subtitles and shortcuts.
  • Repeats the selected track.
  • Compatible with Windows software explorer.
  • With JetAudio you can listen to Internet radio.
  • Supports portable devices: PSP, iPod (and other products from Apple), flash drives, digital players.
  • The search function of the lyrics on the Internet.
  • Change the appearance of the program interface.

Special features:

  • Playing two media files simultaneously.
  • Function of forced downloading or blocking filters, disabling DirectShow for selected file extensions.
  • The opportunity of showing the album cover with various transition effects.
  • Works with remotes (StreamZap, Microsoft Media Center).
  • Working with video: noise reduce, change of acutance, color and speed, the choice of the video agent.
  • Working with sound: the ability to automatically adjust the amplification and contrast, limiter of the ultimate sound level limit in 32-bit output.

JetAudio free download is available on our website right now.

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Additional Information

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Tuesday, 19 June 2018
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Bit Size
32 & 64 bit

JetAudio for Windows PC

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-1 Mari Kinard
My favorite program to work with audio files. I often need to convert music files, edit them to make ringtones so JetAudio helps a lot and it is very easy to use. I have learnt it quickly.

2016-05-05 18:47

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0 Lamon
Yeah,thats it. That is what i searched for. Good programm, better for me to use JetAudio than other programms. its easy to edit whatever you want.

2016-02-01 19:41

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0 Anders12345
Excellent program, for work with video and audio files, already more than year I use to her, Supports many formats, converts audio and video, possibility of unsealing of information with CD, record of sound and great deal yet .

2015-09-29 15:56

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0 Jessy
Free version of JetAudio is cool and quit enough for working with tempo and speed of file playback. It is very easy to install on PC.

2015-06-14 07:09

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0 Edward Chaise
Just say to few words about this player. This is one of the best audio players that I've ever install! I have a slow PC, but in JetAudio I can listen music and haven't glitches.

2015-06-14 06:45

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