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Recording instructions from the monitor screen
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The iSpring Free Cam program is designed to capture video from a computer screen and then process the resulting material. Its main focus is the production of training videos - for this there is cropping, highlighting the cursor and the display of the pressed keys. Therefore, the product is not suitable for shooting the passage of computer games.

Features of the program

The developers of iSpring Free Cam have focused on the simplicity of the interface, ease of use and the small size of the installation file. This program is recommended for computer users who do not want to acquire and master professional applications for the sake of shooting a small training video. But at the same time, iSpring has the following convenient features:

  • Select the recording area. Supports recording of actions in the whole window or its small fragment. The recording area is highlighted with a special tool.
  • Highlight cursor. Useful feature when shooting tutorial videos that focuses attention of potential viewers on the actions performed.
  • Record your voice. In the program, you can select a microphone and comment on the video in the process of its creation. The function allows you to make video tutorials and program reviews.
  • Record system sounds. The user can turn on or off the recording of sounds playing in the operating system and impose music on the background.

iSpring Free Cam has a built-in editor. Through it, you can edit the resulting video without resorting to the use of additional applications. The user is able to remove unwanted parts, eliminate background noise and adjust the volume of the sound. After processing the file, the program suggests saving the file to a computer or immediately uploading to YouTube.


The only drawback of iSpring Free Cam are periodic freezes if an outdated computer is used. The program consumes a lot of system resources, so a limited amount of RAM or insufficient processor power affects errors during operation. Video may be recorded with low FPS or not saved. Although the problems described are typical of most similar applications.

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