CamStudio 2.7

Program for recording video from the monitor screen
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CamStudio is a completely free program that lets you to record everything that happens on the screen in real time. It saves the clip in AVI or SWF video formats, along with audio. Great for creating a variety of video tutorials on the description of one or the other software program, and for creating video presentations.

In CamStudio you can select an area of the screen that will be recorded, show or hide the cursor to edit the audio and video and many different parameters. Recording quality in CamStudio depends on what codecs are already installed in the operating system. Download CamStudio for free now, and just appreciate the opportunity, just a couple of clicks, or create your own video tutorials.

Options of the Program CamStudio:

  • The ability to burn video from a certain section of ​​the screen, fixed section and the entire screen;
  • View saved video clip;
  • The possibility to place a text or a video note to the video;
  • Quite extended video setup: choice of quality, codec, frame rate, etc.;
  • The ability to write sound from a microphone connected to a computer;
  • Various audio settings;
  • Ability to show or hide the cursor, select the type of cursor, enabling the effect of highlighting the cursor;
  • The option of moving the selected active section with the cursor;
  • Selecting and setting hot keys for quick access to the necessary burning functions;
  • A large number of other settings.

Download CamStudio to your computer for free, without viewing the ads directly from our website by clicking here.

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