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Outpost Firewall Free is software for safe work with network environment, which is freeware. It is used to protect PCs and to prevent leakage of confidential information to the network by setting special function modules that identify suspicious activity and stop them in real time. The main difference from other similar programs is the activation of protective function immediately after installation on your PC. So to protect your work in a global network from intruders and secure sensitive information, it is enough to download Outpost Firewall Free and install it according to the rules of the operating system.

Outpost Firewall Free is the first software of such kind, having an open architecture and offering support for additional modules, embedded directly into the program itself. This means that the functionality of the program can be expanded indefinitely by efforts of third-party developers in response to the new threats in the world wide web. To safely protect your PC from current and future threats, you can download Outpost Firewall Free and install it on your system.

Key Features of the firewall:

  • protection's on immediately after installation;
  • support for inbound and outbound connections;
  • prevention of hacker attacks;
  • activity control at the application and individual packages level;
  • easy to learn, user-friendly interface;
  • resistant to hacker attacks protection;
  • minimum system requirements;
  • application activity monitoring, including network.

Protect your PC easily, for this you just need to download Outpost Firewall Free from our website and spend a little time to install it.

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