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Program that removes malicious banners in the system
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Purpose of the utility with such a miniature name is finding and removing obtrusive toolbars, all sorts of dubius plugins, extensions and additions to the web browser, as well as the various components with advertising content and hijacker-utilities. Our our resource AdwCleaner free download is easy - just click on the link to download.

Actually, specialty of the utility is to identify and eliminate adware embedded in web browsers. With AdwCleaner it's very easy to remove all the annoying ads, and enjoy working with your PC and in the World Wide Web. Note that to remove annoying toolbars, browser plug-ins (which could've been installed without your consent), software, displaying frankly unnecessary advertising and hijacker-utilities arbitrarily setting home pages of Internet browsing programs, is quite time-consuming and which user, not knowing a good grasp of the various intricacies of programs, is unlikely to accomplish. in the light of the above, AdwCleaner looks very promising, AdwCleaner can be downloaded free from our site, which saves you from the hassle associated with the "digging in" the unwanted software.

The application has a very small size, it is convenient to use: AdwCleaner doesn't need to installation, you can easily run it including from removable storage as well. Immediately after launching, the utility starts scanning to detect the signs of undesirable components or their fragments, which haven't been removed, and clutter up the PC and must be cleaned. After scanning, the results are formed as a text file so that before the next cleaning you can see which keys are deleted from the registry and files from the hard drive. To start cleaning, you should press «Clean», it will be completely over only after restarting your PC.

We'd mention one critical feature of AdwCleaner: to enable the utility working correctness,while it's on, al other applications should be inactive. By the way, after cleaning, the restart cannot be postponed.

If you realize that you need to start cleaning your browser from annoying ads, from which you can not get rid of, to solve the problem you can easily download AdwCleaner free from our website right now.

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AdwCleaner for Windows PC

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I’ve downloaded AdwCleaner a few months ago when there was a serious malware problem with one of my browsers. It deleted the unwanted ads from my browser and I prefer to use AdwCleaner to delete annoying ads since then.

2015-09-25 15:54

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